she likes the prince but she does like helping people and reading otaku books

she always ponnytails her hair cause shes scared that her hair would get messy and because she really wants to stay as her best friend Sujin Shandow the reason she stayed as Sujin shadow cause she knows boys always talk to her only because they wanna know Sujin more and they only use Chae Rim as a tool for Romance

But this semester at her school Chae Rim will receive the ROMANCEtthat she wouldn't imagine but she keep gething into trouble and trouble but that just make her secret admire see that the real Chae Rim is supper fun,cute,really pretty

Chae Rim Shin is a girl who likes otaku books but something tells me the prince don't like otaku's

if u wanna know more about Chae Rim Shin Stay tunned For more

writter : NerdMegan.ShinChaeRim ( Candice Megan )