Mi Sujin
Soo Jin Mi Full Body
Hangul 미수진
Gender Female
Hair Color Pale Yellow (with shades of brown)
Eye Color Green
Status Alive
Relative Mi Mi (sister)
Occupation Middle School Student
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Soo Jin Mi (미수진) is one of the protagonists of the series. She is a middle school student and sister of Madam Mi. She is devoted to hide her true age!


Soo Jin has more than average height, which does not give her the appearance of a high schooler. She has shoulder length pale yellow hair with shades of brown. She has green eyes and often visits Na Young for makeup before going out. She mostly leaves her hair down.

Her school uniform consists of a white shirt, a dark blue waist-coat having an emblem, dark blue skirt, brown shoes and a neck tie. While outside, she puts on casual clothes and sometimes wears accessories.


Soo Jin hates kids, as she believes they always cry and are stubborn, lie about obvious things and are weak.[1] However, she starts getting along with Ruri after knowing her well. Soo Jin is best friends with Chae Rim and spends most of her time with her.

Like most of the girls, Soo Jin is scared of rapists and has encountered them several times.[2] Though oblivious herself, she is famous among the male students.[3][4] Soo Jin is caring, determined and strong willed. However, she is easily annoyed and gets loud. Even while talking to her elder sister, she puts forward her points and views regarding a certain situation and stands on her ground.

She doesn't allow injustice or improper behavior towards anyone. Even though her main motive was getting closer to Ian Pi, even after being found out, she still volunteered to help Ruri escape the company of bullies. Soo Jin's appearance can be deceptive as she has managed to lie to Ian about her age being 24[5], because her height doesn't give her the appearance of a middle school student.


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