Min Nayeong
Na Young Min Full Body
Hangul 민나영
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple (wig)
Black (real)
Eye Color Purple (lens)
Black (real)
Status Alive
Relative Mother (Unnamed)
Father (Unnamed)
Two Sisters (Unnamed)
Occupation Make-up Artist
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Na Young Min (민나영) is one of the protagonists of the series. She is a make-up artist and the biggest fan of the male band, Guardian. She is devoted to hide her true face!


Na Young Min

Na Young with Make-up

Na Young's real appearance is ugly. She has puffy black eyes with Sanpaku, freckles on her face and dark circles. Her chin is angular and she has black hair.[1] With make-up, however, she is capable of hiding her true face. She is greatly talented in make-up, which she uses to make herself look beautiful. She wears fake eyelashes, purple colored circle lens, and a purple wig. She hides her freckles, and fixes her angular chin into a pointed one, puts on light pink lipstick, and eye shadow matching the color of her outfit.

Usually, Na Young wears a green shirt revealing her cleavage, and a skirt. She has an appealing body, with nice curves and big breasts.


Na Young is a very devoted fan of the male band, Guardian. She always supports them and is the one behind their makeover. Initially, the Guardian were not popular because of their style, but after meeting Na Young, their popularity increased. She never turns down an invitation from the band to visit them at the studio. She is especially attached to Soo Ho, and cares about him very deeply. She even went as far as to turn down his proposal of being his girlfriend even though she liked him, only because she didn't want to deceive him with her fake looks.[2]

Na Young is also good at tricking people, as she tricked Soo Ho in a bet and made him agree to have a make over. She always tends to encourage the band and considers herself as capable of providing more support than a hundred fans.[3] She also stood on their side alone when they had no supporters. Na Young is strong willed and goes to whatever extent to hide her true face.


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