Pi In
In Pi
Gender Male
Age 30
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Yellow
Status Alive
Relative Ruri Pi (daughter)
Occupation Lawyer
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In Pi, sometimes romanized as Ian Pi, is a recurring character in the series. He is a member of the Golden Dragon Gang and a subordinate of Jin Hui Cho. He is the object of Soo Jin Mi's affections.

Appearance Edit

In has slicked back dark-colored hair and yellow eyes. He is very tall and broad shouldered. In slicks two strands of hair near his forehead straight up, which are often compared to antennas.

He consistently wears a black suit jacket with matching pants and shoes. He often wears a bright green dress shirt left open at the neck with no tie. He is never seen without a pair of dark sunglasses.

Personality Edit

In is a serious and level headed individual. Jin Hui often assigns him multiple responsibilities and trusts him to accomplish his duties. While very intelligent, he is noted to be better with facts and numbers than actual tactics.

Despite his cool disposition, In often loses his temper with the childish antics of others. This leads to In reprimanding individuals such as Soo Jin and Seon Jin. As a lawyer, he is very analytical and persuasive. Like his boss, In is a skilled fighter and easily saved Soo Jin from attackers on two separate occasions. He is a chronic smoker and is often seen with a lit cigarette.